General Policy

For general website design & development projects we employ the following steps:

• Upon quote acceptance/signoff, initiation payment is processed to start the project. As required by the project, we may hold a Scoping Workshop to discuss the requirements in detail.

• Once we have the brand details such as logo, images, branding materials, etc, we will have a mock-up for your review within 5 to 10 working days.

• You can review the design and suggest improvements accordingly. Depending upon your project, generally up to 3 to 5 design modifications can be done within the given estimates. Please refer to your allocated design and development hours for details.

• Once the design is finalized & approved, we’ll proceed with the HTML development. At this stage, we generally need around 3 to 5 banner text and/or images for rotation.

• Once, HTML is done, if CMS is included in your project, we will proceed to set up your website on your selected Content Management System (CMS). Please provide all content and copy prior to the development phase.

• Depending upon the time and resources allocated to your project, we’ll transfer as much content as possible from the old website to the new website. The remaining content can be transferred via the CMS by your designated staff. We can provide the instructions needed to help you do this.

• Once the site is ready from our end, we generally hand it over to you for further review, test, and/or to upload/change contents as necessary.

• At this stage you need to give us a Go-Live date for us to make the new website/project live.

• Your website can be made live within 3 to 5 working days of a Go-Live approval, assuming that the accounts are clear. Kindly note that we require full payment prior to transferring the website on any external servers.

• Kindly note, there are limited man-hours allocated on the project. The estimates for all websites under $5000 are based on an assumption that projects will be completed over eight to twelve working weeks depending upon the size of your project. Any further delays may increase the project management costs. If you do not believe the project to be completed within this time frame, please do let us know prior to starting the project.

• Also, generally speaking, going back and forth takes a lot of time. We encourage you to provide all necessary details, at the start of the project to ensure that the project team’s time is efficiently utilized on your project and you do not incur any unnecessary additional costs.

• You will be kept updated via emails and/or telephone calls as the project demands. However, please do not hesitate to contact us any time you require a project status. Also, please always keep us updated with your relevant email addresses/contact details.

• Once the website/application has been made live on the client’s domain, it is their responsibility to take regular full back-ups and to update all components and third-party software.

We consider ourselves to be very flexible and adaptable and approach all requests with a ‘can do attitude. If you require something changed, please feel free to discuss it with us. Please contact us if you require further details or have any questions. We look forward to working together with you on your project!

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